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- Brouhaha 2022 -

March 19/20 Boutte, LA


Packed with just Tylerís stuff.



Packed with all the stuff on the way down.



US Propaganda leaflets dispersed to the Japanese, this was at the Sullivan Brothers Museum in Waterloo, IA. Basically itís saying the time is up for invasion of Japanís home islands themselves with all the previously accomplished stepping stones along the way laid out. I had never seen this before.



USS Kidd museum. These are the battle medals of Adm Kidd who died aboard the Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Medal of Honor and Purple Heart among others. The USS Kidd was named after him.



USS Kidd



USS Kidd from the bow. Fletcher Class had five single mounted 5Ē dual purpose mains.



Tomís Montana, a newly allowed proposed ship that was never completed. Currently 6.5 units 26 seconds, basically an improved West Virginia.



Rickís Jamaica



Tedís VDT.



Peterís Erin



Mike Tís Scharnhorst (won best of scale).



Dirtyís Kongo



Wadeís Lutzow



Geraldís Kongo



Brandonís Liberte Pre-Dread completed by Bob and battled by Gerald whoís Kongo never made the water.



Ready for Battle



PPB Crew left to right: Mike (Seydlitz), Peter (Erin), Bob (Nagato), Tyler (Tiger), Andy (Nagato)



Truck pack for the way home. Itís difficult to appreciate how full this is based on the picture. We had all the stuff we brought plus several totes of John Sís stuff, his Scharnhorst, and 10 additional ships/hulls from Gerald.



Restaurant Across from the hotel (we didnít stay at that one this year though) is now the Italian place we have our Sunday meal/awards at.



Completely unplanned



Most Feared Allied: Tyler (Tiger). For some reason itís a womenís bowling trophy


10 new hulls to keep us busy: Ise, Utah, WV, Houston, Lutzow, convoy, Colorado, Derfflinger, Cleveland, Tiger



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