This was Ben's first major battle. His NC was with out a superstructure. Sadly this was the last battle at Kevin Bray's back yard pond.

fray_at_brays_050530_mon_001_small.jpg fray05002_small.jpg fray05003_small.jpg fray05005_small.jpg
fray05006_small.jpg fray05007_small.jpg fray05008_small.jpg fray05009_small.jpg
fray05010_small.jpg fray05011_small.jpg fray05012_small.jpg fray05014_small.jpg
fray05015_small.jpg fray05016_small.jpg fray05017_small.jpg fray05018_small.jpg
fray05019_small.jpg fray05020_small.jpg fray05021_small.jpg fray05022_small.jpg
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