Build Meeting Notes: 2/12/2006

We had a good group at Ron's shop this weekend. Ben, Moe, Ron, Paul E.,
Peter and I were all there. Ben was unmotivated and looked at things a lot.
He is getting pretty far on the Frog CL and should have it ready for spring.
Moe had his Lutzow along and took some notes on gun building. Peter brought
his wood hull Liberty ship that is looking really good and his wood hull
Sharny. He has all the sections cut out and most of glued in place. Things
are looking good so far. Ron saved him a couple of days of sanding by taking
the hull to one of his big sanders. Paul started building a rudder box and
put some drag shafts in. He got his pump working again after having it die
last year. Ron worked on the Lion alittle but spent most of his time helping
me with sheeting the CVLs. He showed me a couple of things about sheeting.
Maybe this is why my hull always leak and his do not. Seams you need to sand
the edges alittle and make them nice and smooth before the silk span goes
on. I still have three sides to go hope I can find a warm day to go out in
the garage.

We picked a day for our next meeting. March 12 (Sunday) at Ron's shop. If
the weather holds out this will be the last building meeting of the year. We
are hoping that the ice melts and we can battle April 9th. Might be the
earliest battle in PPB history. I LOVE global warming!!!

Sounds like Ben, Ron, Moe & Myself will be heading to the Farmington MO
battle at the end of April. There is still room for you to come along.

Bob H

Pictures by: Ben Radenbaugh