2015 A Year in Port Polar Bear

Saturday/Sunday Aug 15/16 2015

It was a good weekend for battling. The weeds on the shore were quickly cut down by Tyler and Hudson. The weeds in the water were few and far between. The pond water was down this year, the chest high stick is now belly high. Brian had his new I-boat out, had problems with his pump, wired backwards. Some small leaks in his air system. But at the end of the weekend they were on the way to getting fixed. Shawn had his new Wichita, once he learned how to fill the bottle the guns worked. He's got a little list to fix before next battle weekend. Zach used his new Iboat that we sheeted Saturday morning. It was a little bow heavy, small piece of lead fixed that. The stern gun didn't want to fire for the first few sorties. Other than that it worked great.
The "old" ships on the water were:
Connor, Scharny, had a rusty BB problem
Bob Warspite, needs a new skin
Andy Barham, new skin too
Mike NC
Tyler Nagato
Hudson Kongo, needs bigger props
Saturday we had a three sortie battle
Sunday we had a two sortie battle and a three sortie battle.
Enough sinks and damage all around for plenty of laughs.
Very healthy lunches of McDonalds and Taco Bell were had.
Andy took care of a huge ant hill he was sitting over by "patching" it.
The Ice Breaker Battle continues the 29-30 with a few more captains. Peter, Matt, Tom, Kas & Mark should add to the list of people this weekend.
Bob H


It was a good weekend. The Empire of Japan was honored.

Lots of funny stuff on the water, between Bob and Andy having identical ships and Andy never being able to tell which Jap is which it was constant mistaken identity. Add to that now we have two I-boats.

I decided to see how long one set of batteries lasts, it wasn't until the 5th sortie that I had to turn off the pumps and stop the drive motors to have enough voltage left to shoot the guns.

Turns out taco bell totally changed their menu since I've been there last, getting lunch for the guys on Sunday was a challenge.

Looking forward to the 29/30.