2017 A Year in Port Polar Bear


Brouhaha 2017, March 11, 12. Boutte, Louisiana.

Mike (North Carolina), Tyler (Barham), Bob (Iron Duke) made the long drive from Minnesota to Boutte Louisiana for the 9th Brouhaha. Tyler won most feared Allied. Bob was the winning Admiral. Mike got best of Class 6. Luckily Mike had arranged to fly home so there was extra room in the car for all that hardware!


NATS 2017, July 10-14. Ionia, Michigan.

Bob (Warspite), Tyler (Barham), Andy (Barham), Mike (North Carolina), and Zach (Invincible) were there. The pond was very deep with a very sharp grade, roughly 10 feet out from shore it was 15 feet deep but generally didnít get deeper than that. The idea was for the Polar Bears to try to help the Allies winÖit didnít work.It was the year of the Seydlitz, with three of them on the water all battling very effectively. Once again, we took home some hardware: Best of class 5 (Tyler), Individual combatant (Tyler).


Ice Breaker 2017. September 9, 10, Chanhassen, MN.

We had a good time with a 2 day battle. On Sunday we had: Bob (Warspite), Tyler (Barham), Andy (Barham), Mike (North Carolina), Matt (Iron Duke), Rick (Jamaica), Randy (Glorie), McCoy (Tourville). On Saturday we also had Peter (Kaiser) and Zach (Invincible). We mixed and matched teams, several of us had beat up hull skin still on our ships from Nats so the sinks were frequent. Plus as per true Port Polar Bear style we slugged it out at very close range which is reflected by the 34% combined accuracy.