2018 A Year in Port Polar Bear


Brouhaha 2018, March 10, 11, Boutte, LA.

Four of us made the 18.5 hour drive from MN to the 10th Annual Brouhaha on the Bayou. The members of Port Polar Bear who made the trek, coincidentally all captaining ships of the British Navy were Andy (Barham), Matthew (Iron Duke), Bob (Warspite), Tyler (Barham). Tyler won ‘Best of Class 5’ and ‘Most Feared Allied’ in addition to being awarded the prestigious ‘Losing Admiral’ award which to be fair has only been won by an Ally one time in the 10 year history of the Brouhaha by Bob.


Ice Breaker 2018, May 26, 27, Chanhassen, MN.

We had a 2 day event with 6 full battles. In attendance: Randy (Glorie), Hudson (Kongo), Mike (NC), Bob (Warspite), Zach (Invincible), Andy (Barham), Matthew (Iron Duke), Tyler (Barham), McCoy (Zara), Tom (Alaska). Additionally, Jason showed up on Sunday without a ship and newcomer Bryan came out to show off his new USS Texas.


Nats 2018, July 9-13, Lancing, TN.

Seven PPB members took 17 ships to Lancing for the annual national event. Charlie hosted in his back yard pond, which is deep in the wooded mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Though the landscape was beautiful, the drive to the pond every day was 40 mins, I guess that’s what you get when you live just off the boarder with civilization. The Axis won handily despite the efforts of PPB all battling allied ships under the steadfast leadership of Admiral Tyler. The battling never really felt out of hand but the scores were not even close. PPB in attendance: Tyler (Barham, Filiberto, Freighter), Andy (Barham, Bike, Freighter, Carrier), Zach (Invincible, Fiji), Bob (Warspite, Zrinyi), Mike (North Carolina, Sheffield), Peter (Erin, Freighter), Matthew (Iron Duke, Indianapolis). Notable awards included: Losing admiral, Tyler; Von Fleugel, Tyler; Most Feared Allied, Tyler; Swiss Cheese, Tyler.


Fall Battle, September 15, 16, Chanhassen, MN.

We took the boats out for one last pleasure cruse before the winter. In attendance: McCoy (Zara), Bob (Warspite), Peter (Erin), Rick (Jamaica), Tom (Alaska), Randy (Glorie), Zach (Invinvible), Tyler (Barham), Bryan (Texas), Mike (North Carolina), Matthew (Northampton).