2019 A Year in Port Polar Bear

Brouhaha Sat/Sun March 23/24 2019

Brouhaha 2019 is in the books. Myself (Nagato), Peter (Trans HMS Erin), Erik (Tyler's Brother running the Barham) were the PPB guys that went down to Boutte Louisiana. We did 3 full battles per day, 12 total sorties. Generally, we played Axis vs Allies for Saturday with a few times swapping the Italians. The allies won big. We did split fleets where we made nations fight vs their countrymen for most of Sunday. At the end of the last battle on Sunday it was an all-out get Tyler battle (81/19/58). I was able to sink Erik in the fury. I can't confirm but I've been told Tom (who was on my team) was in on it and went elsewhere to battle when it got heavy - thanks Tom :). In all we had a great time. The attendance was a bit lighter this year with 14 ships on the water but it was still a blast. Peter won Winning Admiral, Tyler won Best of Class 6 and Most Feared Axis, Erik Won Most Feared Allied.


Tyler - Nagato

Peter - Erin

Erik - Barham

Tom P - Alaska

Rick W - Jamaica

Dirty Dave - Setsu

Gerald R - Hiei

Ted B - VDT

Mike T - Bismarck

Brandon S - Caio Dulio

John (new guy from Houston) - Andrea Doria

Gary P (new guy from California) - Des Moines

Kevin P - Againcort 

Randy S - Glorie and Italian Cruiser 




NATS 2019 July 8-12, 2019

Nats 2019 was a 17.5 hour drive for the Polar Bears who made the trip to Oakboro North Carolina for the annual national competition. Tyler (Nagato), Bob (Kongo), Andy (Kongo on loan from Tyler) teamed up for some Japanese fury. The Axis had a more powerful roster from the onset and the scores reflected this early in the week with a 10,000 point lead after the first battle. However a few key Allied ships were having troubles that were mostly related to new boat issues and were worked out as the week wore on such that the scores tightened. By Thursday the Allies had managed to win the fleet battle. This in addition to winning each of the two campaign battles (Tuesday and Thursday) by 10,000 points each made for a very tight Friday battle. The score before the final battle was a 1000 point differential in favor of the Allies. On Friday the Axis once again battled very well as a fleet and were able to make back the difference for a 4000 point victory for the week. On the water the Port Polar Bear crew was very successful. With the help of Mark L in his Nagato we were able to control the water and in several instances work very effectively as a group to take out the targets we called on the fly. Specifically, we sunk a Jean Bart and Revenge at the end of the first campaign and then do the same thing to an Iron Duke and NC in the second campaign. In addition to a great deal of fun had on the water, there were plenty of mishaps and shenanigans to make for a very memorable week. There were 3 fires - Tom Tís battleship had an ESC catch fire on the bench in which open flames were coming out of the boat requiring a fires extinguisher to get it put out, Nateís Destroyer direct shorted between battery wires and the insulation went up in a blaze until it was disconnected. John Jís destroyer lost control and was shot to shreds in Cruiser battle, the cause of the control loss was soon discovered when the improperly waterproofed ESC erupted in flames - this one was particularly impressive as there was smoke coming out of the BB holes in the side of the ship. And who could forget the hush-puppy puppet named Timmy, a discussion about the home town football mascot (which for the record is not the Fighting Moppakichens), and getting a waitress to call Jeff ďpaint chip.Ē

Nats was great and is even more fun with more guys on the water, you should come next year.



Ice Breaker 2019 September 8, 2019

Ice Breaker 2019 was intended to be a two day battle but due to incoming rainy weather and a number of the usual guys not really being able to make it out, we ended up doing 3 battles on Saturday and calling it good. Of course the shoreline was completely overgrown again so we cut down a fair bit of under brush with weed wackers and a machete and hand saw. They have built a pump house to take water from our drainage pond and irrigate the nearby baseball field, so there is a little path down to the water that has a lot of tree cover along the shore, and that section is really close to the walking path making loading in easier but getting from the pits down to the pond a slight bit more of a down hill trudge. The weather was about perfect, cool but not cold in the lower 60ís with minimal wind and overcast. We were all fairly comfortable in T shirts or light long sleeves and the water was actually fairly warm still. Bob had the hip waders on but I ended up going in once to my thighs and it really wasnít bad. Tyler (Nagato), Peter (Erin), Tom (Alaska), McCoy (Zara), Clint (Tylerís Tourville) squared off against Andy (Barham), Bob (Kongo), Zach (Invincible), and Rick (Jamaica). We did our best to stay true to PPB form and slugged it out within a few feet of shore for the bulk of the battle.

In the first battle Peter and Tom seemed to be focused out. Tom later found a piece of epoxy had made its way through the pump house but was stuck in the outlet. He sank with 48-4-25. Peter sunk with 57-8-27. Andyís teamís capital ships each had about 30 below and none of them sank. Andyís team won by 980 points.

Andy went for lunch as we patched, he brought back taco bell and made a special trip to McDonalds for McCoy, thanks Andy. McCoy ate 3 cookies, telling me ďItís Ok because mom isnít here.Ē

In the second battle Bob and Tom were perfectly happy to sit next to each other and play ďwho will sink first.Ē Tom won and sank first with 65-6-49, a notable pumping improvement after removing the obstruction. Bob however came in a close second place and sank shortly after with 64-6-41. Peter also sank with 50-5-35. McCoy sank after getting shot by Zach, 11-6-10. After he sank the water was dumped out and he was in fact able to drive around without even pumping that hard, I didnít see him sink but was told by the other guys that they didnít think his pump was on, typical 9 year old move. Rick also sank right next to shore with 2-0-0 but only because he accidently swamped himself while clearing moss and pushed it back in without realizing he had done that, I guess experienced battlers can do silly things too. Zach and Andy both had notable damage, Andy had 113 aboves, or as I like to call them, misses. Zach had 41 below.Andyís team won by 370 points.

Between battles I was able to test fire Derfflinger 2ís guns, throw batteries in and float test it. It was a bit poorly balanced, being way too stern heavy but seemed to drive around OK until the pump (without proper filtering of course) clogged up. I was hoping to battle it Sunday but we didnít end up battling. It should be ready for next time.

In the third battle things turned south for Andyís team. Peter finally realized that part of his issue earlier in the day was a clogged pump filter, and was back to taking ďman damageĒ at 80-14-31 without sinking. Also Tom slugged it out and took 33-14-49 without sinking. On the other team Andy took 136-9-31 and sank, Bob too 91-3-74 and sank, Zach took 76-21-66 and sank. Bob and Zach had actually flipped ships for the 2nd sortie. And some of that damage was after re-floating so they probably would have tallied fewer holes in reality. Either way fortune had flipped and Tylerís team won the battle with 4720 points.

After that last battle, the day total reflected relative parity with a margin of victory in favor of Tylerís team by 3370 points. The combined accuracy improved throughout the day increasing from 29% to 32% to 43% for the last one. Zachís Invincible was struggling with having enough voltage to fire the solenoids when the pump and drive were under load since he only is able to run two 10 amp packs, Bob was thinking about firing the solenoids off of a separate 9 volt battery in the future, AKA the Stangle method. As mentioned, look for the Derfflinger 2 to make an appearance soon at a pond year you. McCoy said he had a ton of fun. I had a bunch of fun too and took surprisingly little damage for the 3 battles, a total of 138-27-68 which was the lowest for any of the capital ships there by a factor of 1.5. I guess they other guys were sick of shooting at me and wanted to spend their bbís elsewhere.

We went to Buffalo Wild wings after the battle to debate defects in the campaign rules.

We will try for one more battle in early October.