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- Missouri -


USS Missouri– Kevin

8.0 units, 24 seconds, American Super Battleship


The Iowa’s are really big. Sure they get a lot of fire power but they are REALLY BIG. This ship is an advanced build because it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to build it correctly and keep it functioning.



Kevin has 2 pumps and duals in every turret.



Bow section. The guns all have relatively straight magazines.



Under side of the bow section. The CO2 bottle fits in there. The entire front foot or so of a ship like this is usually completely empty other than water channeling. Under the cross brace is a water tight box for electronics.



The center part of the ship is a bit complicated due to Kevin running separate voltages for the pump and motors. Towards the bow are the radio components and a water tight box. Towards the stern are the pumps, drive motors and ESC’s.



The stern most section. The deck is held on with bolts. Pump outlets are on either side of the turret and are at a low angle.



Single rudder servo pushing two rudder gears.



Hatch for loading the stern turret.



Back end with tape measure.



2 inch cast props with 3D printed rudders in crescent shape. He says he’s played around with different shapes and this one seemed the best. You can see the rudder post brass that he’s left in place from his rudder experimentations.







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