Inside DKM VDT

Class 4 Battle Cruiser 4 Units

Built by Ryan Butler

This is the locations of the props and rudders. The props are placed right behind the center skeg and the rudders right behind the props. The black disk behind at the left is a drag disk for slowing the ship down.

The inside bow view shoes the bottle and regulator held in place by a piece of Velcro. There is not a lot of room for the bow sidemount but it just fite coiled around to be filled in the same turret. The gun is tipped to give it room to fit around the bottle. Inside the ship at the right you can see the small tank that feeds the three popit valves. The VDT is a simple ship to built and battle a good ship for a rookie with some RC experience.

Under the main deck is the radio box and battery. Ryan runs a 14 amp hour 6 volt. The radio box could be a little smaller but does just fit. Inside is one servo for two guns, a servo for a gun and the pump and a throttle servo. The receiver is at the left with channel 79 showing. The stern gun is attached to the deck with a Lego. This is very unique and works pretty well in this ship.  Ryan has Deans Ultra connectors for his power connections. He use old lamp cord for his power wiring. A good wire but not color coded.

The other end of the main deck shows the pump, motors and stern gun. This ship originaly had gear boxes for the motors. When Ryan purchased it he did not have gear boxes and hooked up the motors direct. The gear boxes will be installed as soon as they arrive from BC. The stern sidemount is filled in the stern gun turret. At the top right you can see the slide that holds the main deck on.

Here is the main deck in place. They guns are filled under the turrets. If everythind is working well Ryan only needs to take the front deck off to refill the bottle.

There is not a lot of room for the rudder servo and gears. Ryan has a push rod going to each rudder. The rods could be thicker as they may bend under strain.

A photo of the stern with the deck almost on. There is not a lot of room for the gun and rudder servo. Between the motors you can see the pump with its screen housing.