Inside the FNS Glorie

Class 2 Light Cruiser

2.5 Battle Units

22 Sec Speed

By Chris Pearce & Dave Au.

This is Dave Au’s light cruiser. I took these photos at NATS 2006 to help me build my ship of the same class. Here you can see Dave has a small section of deck he can remove to get at the battery and bottle. I think the front part of the ship is also screwed down. He uses a 3.5oz bottle and a light regulator. This ship is allows more weight by the rules then the ship can really take in the hull. You should come in at 8-9lbs total weight.

This mid ship shot shows the radio box at the left with 3 micro servos for the pump, drive and guns. The orange caps and the fill points for the guns. They are not as easy to get at as they could be. On cruisers you want to get at mags for a fast reload during campaign. The pump at the right looks to be a small Carl Camrati pump or maybe a small Pearce Pump. Dave uses Power Pole Connectors for his power connections.

This is the stern of Chris’ cruiser. The prop shafts could have been a lot more level. This would have helped when going in reverse by not sucking the stern under the water as much.

The guns come out the face of the turret but come through the deck in the superstructure. This give the guns more room so he can bring the magazine caps up next to the guns. He has the mags bent around in front of the guns over the motors. On this ship he uses Geek Breach guns with a by-pass feed. He said it was an experiment to see if he could get the bbs to fly faster. They make a very unique squeak when they fire, no other ship sounds like it, and you always know where Chris is. The motors are mounted “Backwards” from normal to make room for everything. This ship is pretty small; you’ll have to be carful to get everything to fit. Under the plastic by the motors Chris has a home made gear box. He needed to angle the shafts up to get the gear to fit inside the ship. I think the pump is a small BC pump. The solenoids have a cast plastic base on them instead of the brass base they come with. Chris made a mold for this but had a lot of problems with them breaking and does not make them anymore.

Here you can see the tinny radio box with micro or maybe sub micro servos in it. He uses 4.5 amp hour NIMH batteries for power.


The bow of the ship holds the 3.5oz bottle and light regulator. Chris uses Press n Lock fitting for his main hose lines. The hole in the deck under the SS is another weight saving step.