Inside a Warship
SMS Goben
Class 4, 4 unit Battlecruiser
Build by Ron Horbul & Bob Hoernemann

Description: Narrow horizontal

The center of the ship. The best thing about the Goben is the two stern sidemounts and stern gun. A perfect ship
for small ponds and if you like to play the reverse and shoot came. This is not a good ship for chasing. All the
turrets are on hinges. The stern gun is filled in the opposite wing turret. The two stern sidemounts are filled near the pump.

Since the hull does not come with casements you have to add them. Iím not real sure what this area on the
ship looked like. Iím sure the casements look different than this, but this should be close enough for our hobby.
The guns are hose used to feed our bb guns. It looks like the right size and is bendy. Guns that stick out like this
should not be hard or they will cut other ships. The guns hose should just bend when the hulls rub together. You
could make an argument, and better photos may prove it, that there should be a 1/8Ē stringer that runs under
these casements. Ron didnít have this on the ship and I didnít feel the need to add it.

The front casement area takes a little extra wood work. You can see where the top of the fiberglass hull is
cut off and just a 1/8Ē section is left for the casement deck stringer. The main 3/8Ē deck is all plywood.

A view of the oversized rudder. Goben had in line rudders, in our hobby you put all the area on one rudder and
have a stub for the other. I am using Prop Shop Kort Nozzel cast props, 4 blade 1 ĹĒ. This is a good view of the
rudder box. I have not put the balloon on the push rod and box in this photo.

The rudder box and rudder gears. The large white gear that is cut out is for the 2nd stub of a rudder.

A view of the props from the stern. This ship does not turn like a twin side by side rudder ship does. But it will
out turn the US class 5 sluggers. It also offers the advantage of turning in reverse. Not really good turning, more
like drifting to the side. But still good enough to chase in reverse.

There is a lot of stuff in the stern of this ship. Two solenoids sit in between the guns. You can see the deck
latches on the underside of main deck that slide under the cross brace. The back of the deck is held on by the
upper side of the higher step deck.

The pump is held in my standard housing with a screen all around it. The two fill points of the stern guns sneak
in under the deck and into this space. The big empty area holds three 10 amp 6 volt NiMH batteries. On the left
is the solenoid for the stern gun and the gun sticking out from the underside of the deck. This deck level latches
under the bow deck and into a cross brace just out of the photo behind the pump.

The bottle and regulator sit at the front of the ship. The radio box is the same one I have used for Warspite, VDT
and Kongo. It just fits under the casement deck. At some point I am going to make a smaller box. The bow section
of the deck slides under the solid section up front and has latches that slide under the cross brace in this photo.