NATS 2002 & 2003 Hit %


Being someone who loves numbers (Must come from my love of baseball) I was wondering how many of my BBs should hit their target. I had just built my first battleship and was battling against Andy & Grant Dahl in a 2 on 1. We did this battle three different weekends. After the first weekend I was very disappointed in the performance of my ship and my marksmanship. I was only hitting with 8.5% of my shots and thought I should be at 40-50%. My ship and marksmanship did get better, after the third battle my hits were at 19.8%. But I still thought that I should be a lot higher. So, I found the scores Steve R. had sent me for 2002 and started to look at them and figure out the hit percentage for each fleet. I was surprised at what I found. The total hit percentage was only 14.9%.

Now you have to know that I had to do some guess work to get to that number. I took the units for the ships and subtracted 1 unit for each ship’s pump. Then I took that number as the Gun Units and multiplied it by 100 to get the total BBs that could be shot. Then I added up the number of holes and divided. I’m sure some of the ships had a ˝ unit pump, so this means I have a few too many BBs in the calculations already. I also did not have the info on who sunk in the first sortie and I did not have the number of BBs left in captain’s guns at the end of each sortie. This gives me even more BBs that did not get shot and should not be part of the hit percentage. So, I guessed that for every 100 BBs that could get shot only 75 did get shot. As you can see the Allies had an 18.4% rate and the Axis had an 11.8% rate. The best battle was by one fleet was 20.5%. Night battle was 3.7% for the Axis and 5.6% for the Allied.




Of course this peaked my curiosity and I got the scores from Tim K. for 2003. This data was a little bit more accurate as I had information on who sunk in the first sortie. I do not think that there were any ships that had a ˝ unit pumps this year. I though that there was more damage at NATS this year. In 2002 the ships were spread all over the big pond and there were separate battles in the little pond. In Perry the battling seamed to be closer to shore and in a smaller area, until the chasing started. I thought that the hit percentages would be higher this year, and they were.



The Allied fleet only improved 1% but he Axis fleet was up 6%. All of the Axis 2002 rookies must have improved their shooting in their new battleships. I also think the fast/slow fleet set up let the slow ships get in more shots and not come off the water with lots of BBs in their guns. The total holes for the Allied fleet were close to the same as last year, but the Axis saw a big drop in aboves and a big increase in bellows & ons. This would seam to follow the change in the type of ships at this years NATS for the Allies. They had only two cruiser this year and six last year and had more “Haymaker” ships in 2003 6 vs 1.

This year the best fleet percentage was Monday afternoon the Axis slow fleet with 22.7%. The worst fleet battle was the Axis fast fleet Monday afternoon at 8.3%. Night battle was 14.3% almost a 10% increase!

The one on one and small fleet battles fell a little below the rest of the scoring at 13.7%. Though Tim B. & Chris A. hit 31.2% against Chris P., Andy & Grant Dahl, of course both Andy & Grant sank with a lot of damage. Just looking at these two NATS it seams that an average battler will hit 16.8% of the time. So keep track of your hit percentage and see if you improve, over time you should.

Now for some useless information you can use to confuse your wife. Most of you know that Fluegel was the most damaged (13,130), but did you know that Dave Au was the most damaged Allied (10,730) and never sank. Not only was Fluegel the most damaged but he also had the most patching to do 438/86/114 for a total of 638 holes. While Don Cole was the Allied that sniffed to most dope fumes 400/34/79 for a total of 513. The two battlers with the most free time during NATS were Chris Kessler 41/17/9 67 total and Luis Gomez 16/2/6 24 total. The Axis with the most aboves are Fluegel & Jeff Lide 438, ons Fluegel 86 and bellows Randy Stiponivich 118. The Allies had Don Cole 400 aboves, Brian Lamb 57 ons and Dave Au 145 bellows. The prize for most holes (And aboves) in one battle goes to Jeff Lide 203/17/13 233 total. Fluegle had the most ons in a battle and Tony Stephens had the most bellows 36. The battlers with the most damage that did not sink are Chris Au 87/33/14 and Lief Goodson 89/29/15 Lief did sink latter in the week with 99/18/15, must be the quality and not the quantity. We all remember Jeff Lide’s sink when he forgot to turn on his pump, but he had a lot of damage compared to Kevin Bray who sunk during night battle with 5/2/1. Out of 46 sinks (Fleet battles only) 26 of them were in the first sortie. Eight warships sunk in campaign battles this year. Andy & Grant Dahl took more damage in the two small fleet battles they did on Wednesday then the entire rest of the week, Andy 122/15/17 154 week vs 132/17/41 190 Wednesday, Grant 114/20/68 202 week vs 153/26/24 203 Wednesday. Josh Bruder beat his dad John 55/5/26 vs 23/4/3 and Tom Melton beat his brother Mike 21/2/15 vs 9/1/0 in one on one battles.