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International Radio Controlled Warship Combat Club (IRCWCC)


With their dockyards nestled in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, the captains of the Port Polar Bear combat club (associated with IRCWCC) build and battle remote controlled 144th-scale model warships from the First and Second World War. The ships are modeled off ships that existed between 1906 and 1946. They are armed with one or more BB cannon for offense and pumps for defense, and battle each other in shallow ponds across the country. The cannons shoot holes through the thin (1/32 inch) balsa sides of their opponents. When the ships take on too much water and the on board bilge pump can’t keep up, they sink. After a sink the model ships are quickly recovered, patched and ready to battle in another sortie the same day.

It's wet and wild fun! 


Recent Events:


Brouhaha 2017

March 11, 12. Boutte Louisiana. Pictured above Mike (North Carolina), Tyler (Barham), Bob (Iron Duke) made the long drive from Minnesota to Boutte Louisiana for the 9th Brouhaha. Tyler won most feared Allied. Bob was the winning Admiral. Mike got best of Class 6. Luckily Mike had arranged to fly home so there was extra room in the car for all that hardware!



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NATS 2016

June 20-24, Bradford, PA. Pictured above Tyler (Barham), Bob (Warspite), Mike (NC), Zach (Invincible) are the Port Polar Bear captains that made the trip to Nats this year, all in Allied boats. Essentially the Allies were flooring the Axis in a way that was not fun. As such on Tuesday Tyler and Bob (as well as Tom in his QE) were flipped to the Axis team. The battle was much closer at that point but the Axis managed to win on paper. However as this did require the trade of 3 of the more experienced battlers, I’d say the Allies really won. Notable awards: Von Fleugal – Tyler, Best of Class 5 – Tyler, Allied High Spirit Award – Mike.



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Ice Breaker 2016

May 28,29,30. We did 6 sorties on Saturday and Sunday and 3 sorties on Monday. It was a total blood bath:.Bob took more below the water line holes than he did at the Brouhaha in the same ship. Multiple experienced captains made for some very streamlined battling. On Saturday we had 6 sorties done between 9:30 and 4. Pictured above: Back row: Mark (Nagato), Paul (Honolulu), Peter (Kaiser), Bob (Warspite), Andy (Barham), Kas (Invincible), Jason (HSM incomplete), Tom (QE), Front row: Paul’s son, Rick (Jamaica), Zach (Invincible), Mike (NC), Camera man not pictured – Tyler (Nagato). Not pictured Randy (Furutaka), Hudson (Kongo)



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BrouHaHa 2016

The gang from Port Polar Bear once again made the 18 ½ hour drive to Boutte Louisiana for the 8th annual BrouHaHa on the Bayou. Bob has made all 8 of the battles. Some 22 ships in all made the water including (left to right in picture) Andy (Barham), Bob (Warspite), Mike (North Carolina), Tyler (Nagato). The PPB crew did well taking home Most Feared Axis (Tyler), Best of Class 5 (Andy), Winning Admiral (Tyler – Axis), Losing Admiral (Bob – Allies).


For more pictures of captains from previous battles, click the link: Past Regionals Archive

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